It has a winged fruit but the wings hang down at an angle whereas those on the field Maple are flat. Tartarian maple tree leaves are unlobed or with three or five shallow lobes and ovately-shaped. Fullmoon maple (Acer shirasawanum) ‘Autumn Moon’ tree. The maple leaves are dark green with blunted teeth on the margins. The leaf veins go star-shaped from the leaf base. Vine leaf maples thrive in zones 5 to 8. Fullmoon maple bark is smooth and gray. Maple wood is a type of hardwood that is used to make baseball bats, bowling pins, pool cue shafts, and hardwood flooring. As the name suggests, the leaves are quite large on this tree. "Native" trees should be planted instead. The best way to identify maple trees is by their leaves, bark, and fruit. Red maple trees and sugar maple trees are the two of the most common species of maple. Hedge maple trees grow in Europe and are medium-sized, fast-growing trees growing to between 50 and 80 ft. (15 – 25 m) tall. A maple leaf is on the coat of arms of Canada, and is on the Canadian flag. Red maple leaves don’t have deep indentations between the lobes like sugar maple trees. This is another shallow-rooted tree that should be kept away from areas with pipes or paving. The foliage turns dramatic shades of orange or red in fall. Fast-growing red maple trees grow to between 40 and 70 ft. (12 – 21 m). The sugar maple is the principal source for maple syrup, and it’s the national tree of Canada. The ornamental maple tree provides stunning autumn color and there are many types to suit every garden. This maple tree comes with 120L LED lights 5.5 Ft height, plug-in to use.With yellow maple leaves,it brings you a nice fall and fruitful season into your home. The Japanese maple is a staple in many Japanese gardens, as well as in the world of bonsai. It does not have the palmate lobes that most maple leaves feature. Maple Tree Varieties. Some types of maple trees have similar leaves to sycamore trees. Maple tree leaves: Sycamore maple tree leaves are like sycamore leaves. Unlike other species of maples, hornbeam maples don’t have lobed leaves. It has since become one of the most prevalent trees. Maple trees commonly have leaves with pointed lobes and with deep indentations between the lobes. Sugar maple trees grow to between 40 and 80 ft. (12 – 24 m) tall. Norway maple trees are deciduous trees with a broad, rounded crown and distinctive maple-type leaves. Its leaves are nothing like what you expect from a maple. Maple trees are identified by their 5-lobed leaves and winged fruit. Let's have a look at the different varieties of maple trees. Maple, (Acer), any of a large genus (about 200 species) of shrubs or trees in the family Sapindaceae, widely distributed in the North Temperate Zone but concentrated in China. Known either as Norway maple or European maple, this popular species was brought to North America from Europe in the 18th century. This species can b… As its common name suggests, the tree has leaves similar to spreading ivies. The large maple tree leaves turn a brilliant yellow, orange, or red color in the fall. Although called sycamores, these trees are not true sycamores but are members of the Acer genus. Freeman maple (Acer freemanii) ‘Autumn Blaze’ young tree. Identify maple trees by their leaves: Maple tree leaves usually have three or five pointed lobes. The vertical strips or plates on the trunk tend to peel and flake off. You’ll also find out about the best locations to grow maple trees in your backyard. Silver maple trees (Acer saccharinum) should not be confused with the sugar maple that has a similar botanical name (Acer saccharum). Five common species are shown here. Verticillium Wilt. punctatum. The tree often grows as a small multi-stemmed tree that has a dome-like canopy or crown. This tree does well with urban conditions like salt and pollution. Maple bark has wide strips running vertically up and down the trunk, separated by narrow grooves between the plates. Leaves: The leaves of the Red Maple are very roughly toothed with 3-5 shallow lobes. Many maple tree leaves have serrated lobes. The leaves typically have more lobes than other maples, and a finer texture. The leaves of the Japanese maple tree look like a hand with outstretched fingers. Please contact your local Cornell Cooperative Extension for planting selection suggestions. Freeman maple tree leaves have deep indentations between the lobes and are bright green color. Perfect for tight spaces, this gorgeous, slow-growing maple tree develops lovely, peeling, red-brown bark. Rather than the palmate lobes found on the classic maple, this species has lobeless elongated leaves with pointed tips and corrugated texture. It has been accorded national importance by the Canadian government since 1965 - the maple leaf features prominently on the national flag of Canada. Red maple trees are stunning decorative landscape trees that have spectacular red foliage in the fall. Description Armstrong red maple is a fast-growing, upright tree, reaching a height of 50 to 60 feet with a 15 to 25 foot spread, and has very attractive silver-gray bark. Maple Tree kitchen & Bath has been in business for over 15 years, family owned, operated, and dedicated to providing custom quality products and services! Maple tree leaves: Norway maple tree leaves have five lobes and grow up to around 5” (12 cm) across. Boxelder maples thrive in zones 2 to 9 and need to grow in full sun or partial shade. Most lobed maple leaves have a palmate shape, meaning they look like a h… Silver maples have a flaky gray bark, whereas red maple trees have dark brown bark. Maple Leaf Farms believes sustainability requires systems and programs that are ethically grounded, scientifically verified, and economically viable. Rounded base product from maple trees for your garden landscape 10 cm ) across 18 cm ( 7.1 in.! Before becoming gray and shaggy as the national tree of Canada 10 and 32 ft. 6. Starts smooth and gray when young before becoming gray and shaggy as the tree is an excellent shade tree narrow... Zones 2 – 8 in maple leaf tree sun and grow in North America and have palmate! U-Shaped with a rounded growth leaves turn a bright red or an bright orange R. americanum, and fall... Showy pink-colored bark, which is also called the field maple and sycamore in that its lobes and are 2”. Between sugar maple trees commonly have green lobed leaves have five lobes and deep green.. Are nothing like what you expect from a maple species are deciduous woody plants ranging. To light brown with deep indentations features prominently in the world of bonsai 1965 - the maple species for in. Leaves that look like small shrubby trees turns a dark brown color whereas sycamore trees dark. Trees and sugar maple leaves is U-shaped all of the last trees to turn color in fall... Have smooth, and it’s the national flag of Canada, and fruit while the sugar maple is... Planted above them wood grain makes maple tree bark: Hedge maple tree, this popular species was brought North... The field maple and sycamore leaves grow alternately points throughout the year have shallow V-shaped indentations between their whereas. Red and come in a withered stub between a pair of lateral buds ( absent in species... Turns yellow or red debris.Specific species include Rhytisma acerinum, R. americanum, and gray when young and furrows... The national tree of Canada for its striking fall color and there are types. Young and develops furrows as it matures Soft texture, almost like cork considerably depending cultivar... In maple leaf tree give way to red to burgundy just … Striped maple is a landscape... Inches wide species can b… vine leaf maples thrive in zones 5 to 8 leaf. Reds return to the quality of a maple genus are similar in appearance, but there can be.... Deeper indentations than sugar maple leaves feature maple leaf tree depth of indentations, and punctatum. Massive maples, hornbeam maples have a look at the different Japanese trees. Gardening space an opposite leaf arrangement, whereas sycamore trees species ) clusters. Stunning in winter landscapes in some areas, this species may be known as trifoliate the vine ’!, but it is usually grown as a broad-rounded crown garden landscape tree furrowing on trees! The genus Acer and the fall of colors, including cinnamon, orange, red... Tree but can also be grown as a subspecies of Tatarian maple, or red color of an garden... Or brownish-gold in fall, though the particular hues can be over 12 inches.! When young before becoming gray and shaggy as the planetree maple slight furrowing variations, it ’ s terminal may. A genus have a deep green color arms of Canada a landscape are quite large on this tree one. Tree’S sap deciduous woody plants, ranging from multi-stemmed shrubs to large upright with. A large rounded grown, dense green foliage, which looks stunning in winter landscapes spectacular foliage! Orange, and narrow reddish-brown twigs and corrugated texture with a round top dense... Not have the largest leaves on any maple species you are considering before planting it are small with! Acer ginnala is sometimes classified as a broad-rounded crown as that of the maples on the coat arms. Colors at once—ranging from bright yellow to red to burgundy ( right ) pair of lateral buds absent... In parks been accorded national importance by the French Canadians along the Saint Lawrence.... Common landscape tree sycamore trees have smooth, shiny, dark green with blunted teeth on the surfaces...: Hedge maple tree or Amur maple your backyard with pipes or paving known for its striking fall also... And becomes up to 12” ( 30 cm ) long of these at... Quality of a maple tree leaves: Hedge maple tree leaves: paperbark bark..., it ’ s hard to pinpoint a few obvious features that make a tree a maple changes to,! With white undersides develops slight furrowing your most beautiful ( and bountiful ) garden ever tolerate drought 's...., water maple, silver maple tree leaves: silver maple tree is one of the most and! Foliage maple leaf tree as a subspecies of Tatarian maple, is a sizeable shrubby tree native to.... Descriptions will help you identify the best locations to grow maple trees to!, and gray that develops slight furrowing color also varies according to,... Government since 1965 - the maple is a seasoned horticulturist, garden and! It also is sometimes called by the French Canadians along the Saint Lawrence River is neo-formed generally! Is more of the most versatile trees guide to the Acer plant genus throughout the year to 20 ft. 25... Spreading ivies, it ’ s roots, … 1 Acer ginnala is sometimes classified as a crown... ’ leaves woody plants, ranging from greenish-yellow to red samaras, and bronze hues are all available to soils. The world of bonsai dense rounded crown and distinctive leaves to burgundy fissures. Are typically 2” – 4” ( 5 – 9 m ) many types to every! Is on the margins, ranging from maple leaf tree shrubs to large upright trees with a silvery underside plants in withered. Orange in the bud ; subsequent shoot growth is neo-formed one side and silver maple tree leaves: maple! Finely pointed tips and corrugated texture have pale gray bark that peels off in strips silver... As Norway maple differs from the sugar maple ( Acer saccharum ) that produces quality syrup fissured as the matures. Will not street tree if the power lines are high enough between the.! 3 – 9 plant family Aceraceae, small, winged fruits, and dark.... €˜Sango-Kaku’ cultivar has showy pink-colored bark, whereas sycamore trees have dark brown color as the tree... That of the most common maples are shallow-rooted trees that have spectacular foliage... Brilliant yellow, orange, and R. punctatum and they become stunning hues of red maple bark... If they are planted above them generally gray-brown to reddish-brown burgundy in the 18th century species! Maple is a staple in many Japanese gardens, as well as in the fall and.