Poynting XPOL-2-5G – 11dBi WiFi/4G/5G Cross Polarised MIMO Outdoor Antenna for Router/Modem It’s a small price to pay to avoid the hassle of signing up to a broadband contract just to test the network, only to have to cancel it if it doesn’t work out. I hope you don’t mind me semi-hijacking this conversation but was wondering if you have come across any good 4G modem/routers that can go into full bridge mode. I’m wondering if there are any settings I can tweak to try and get speeds closer to those of my mobile phones? Here’s a run down of the best 4G / LTE routers for 2020, selected from Huawei, HTC, D-Link and TP-Link. All three networks have temporary 4G spectrum on bands 1 and 28 until April 2021 for the pandemic, but once they cease, the B818 may not provide much benefit on the Eir network. Just to add to above – I’ve tried a Three sim in my router and I’m getting between 10 and 35 MB down depending on the time of day so far. Unfortunately port forwarding is not possible with Eir or Vodafone as both operate a carrier grade NAT. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. 2100MHz – Primarily urban use. Can’t understand how the tele companies do not promote this option as they are losing broadband business to likes of Imagine. This can eliminate the need for a data plan on the primary SIM. 4G Routers. However this isn’t improving. When I get a chance, I will check what the main current routers are easily available and update the article. Otherwise I suggest going for a cheaper 4G router such as the Huawei B818, which is capable of aggregating up to 5 carriers. Most SIM cards break apart into micro and nano size. If your D-Link keeps loosing the signal and having to reconnect then I think this may be the problem. All Huawei routers and modems that I’m aware of have separate internal Wi-Fi antennas and do not use the antenna sockets for Wi-Fi. However, these methods have limitations that make them better suited for temporary or backup internet access only. Im on the outskirts of a realitively large town so I think either 3 or Vodafone coverage will be quite good but just need to make a decision on this by Tomorrow so any definitive advice is very much appreciated.. would you recommend a TP Link Archer MR200 AC 750 for use with a Broadband unlimited internet SIM or would TP Link Archer MR600 AC1200 Mbps 4G + Cat6 be much much more recommendable?? Sadly the B535 has increased in price recently. I also think the fear would be the wind catching it on my exposed site.I think I will also upgrade the router to see if I can get good 4g+ without the dish. The new router Huawei 4G Router 3 Pro (Huawei B535-232) was available in European countries for a few months, which is integrated LTE Cat7 modem and allows speeds of up to 300 Mbit/s in the downlink. Thanks for this great informative piece. Not a cheap purchase but I am happy with the upgrade. I am using already HUAWEI 4G Router 3 Pro B535-932 . TV antenna mount). I can get decent speeds some of the time via 4g, with the internal antenna showing 4 of the 5 bars. I’m doing some research into the CPE Pro2 and will try and update the comparison table soon…. Three, Eir and Vodafone prepay phone SIMs will also work for testing. I’m very curious about the Mikrotik antenna’s. The newer B525 also have very good signal sensitivity. Huawei 4G Router 3 Pro. These TP-Link routers are excellent value and they’re frequently discounted to around £100 on Amazon. You will need to know then when you get a new router, or when you reset your router. Overview of Huawei 4G Broadband Routers. The B535 is provided by the Three network in the UK under the a name “HomeFi Plus“. For example, I’ve since tested the portable Netgear Nighthawk MR1100 and the business-grade MikroTik Chateau LTE12. In the real world the 4G performance will probably be very close between all but the very high end models. Hi, I can’t really help here as my own 4G router is used in a pretty small area. I don’t have a phone I could plug in to test either I’m afraid. Above this, even higher speeds are available but they don’t come cheap. MikroTik Chateau LTE12 – Professional grade router and supports both band and cell locking, useful for forcing it on to a specific cell. Classed as LTE CAT19, it offers theoretical 4G downloads of up to 1,600 Mbps and uploads of 150 Mbps – both around three or more times higher than the other models here. Huawei B535-232 4G+ router. You can pick up a wall-mounting bracket, double pipe clamp (like this) and some metal tube at a hardware store. To undo the change select the 2100MHz band, which will display an error and then it will revert back to the regular aggregation (4G+) mode. The MR6400 is TP-Link’s entry level 4G router. Thanks Stella. Condition is Used. As for the upload speed, the aluminum foil is likely helping direct more of the signal towards the mast, however, this will not help the incoming signal if the issue is caused by it bouncing about the building interior. With TP-Link 4G routers, the two antennas are for mobile data which you can swap with the antenna leads. 4G coverage areas with high contention often have lighter 3G network load. Up to 64 devices can be connected on Wi-Fi. The peak time speed tests will give an idea of what to expect in the evening with a dedicated router. That’s very impressive speeds especially since you’re so far from the mast. Repeat again between 8pm to 10pm (peak time) with the phone, preferably held outside an upstairs window. If your priority is 4G performance then the Huawei B18 stands out as the clear winner. The routers in the mid range category have higher performance and features than the basic models above. The three routers in this section represent the current state of the art for 4G and 5G internet routers. Huawei B818-263 – Probably the fastest 4G router on the market due to its wide range of 4G band aggregation capabilities and supporting 4×4 MIMO (4 internal antennae). I suggest setting them up in Access Point mode, so everything is on the same network like with the repeaters. 5G Routers. Awesome arcticle – we’re likely moving to a house with only 4G signal, so very helpful indeed. Thanks Mani. This this will improve your signal and help isolate your reception from masts in other directions. I’m living in France and have been looking for something with B1,B3,B7 and B28 you have confirmed and finalize my search . E.g. ?, only getting 2/3 download in the evenings with router. However if you want to transfer files across multiple devices or perhaps store some files centrally on a NAS, then 100Mbps Ethernet will be a major bottleneck. If you want a proper router for a more serious home network but perhaps only use the internet data fairly lightly, then it offers everything the more expensive mid and high end models here, but at a significantly lower price. Huawei E3372-LTE/4G 150 Mbps USB Dongle ... HUAWEI B818 Router ... Huawei 4G Router 3 Pro B535-932 . Just wondering if you have seen this before or could recommend a device that would go into full bridge mode and let the router behind the modem do the authentication and other nice router functions. None of the reviews mention what the WiFi range is for these routers do they? The SIM card goes in the outdoor unit, so careful positioning may be necessary to keep it out of pedestrian reach. It’s Cat 4 and the performance is spotty – drops, lags, and the speedtest rates it “slow”. http://imagine.speedtestcustom.com/result/b758c4c0-f105-11ea-bc15-a12af23ab6ea, https://www.irishwireless.net/preconfigured-to-irish-network/preconfigured-sxt-lte. A 4G signal on a mobile phone does not necessarily mean a usable 4G signal with a category 3 or 4 modem or router! Currently (in May 2020) pricing and availability of some 4G routers has become quite volatile. Hi Sean, brilliant article The B525 is available new for around £120 to £150 on Amazon. Hi Sean, we are just 1.85Km from a 4G+ mast and 2 from a LTE, unfortunatly both mast are not in direct sigt due to hills. Novatel sales rep refused to give any indication of what improvement to expect. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Conclusion . It’s quite possible you are picking up interference inside from the signals bouncing about. The Pro2 model can aggregate both band 3 carriers in addition to a third carrier (e.g. Is there any way of telling if my local towers support 4g+ and do you think I would benefit from a newer Huawei router. Both routers are very stable and reportedly very reliable. 8.62 in. Router tried in every location ( not many in a typical apartment) and currently resides in the spot with the best numbers. This can near double the bandwidth when used with a suitable modem or router that uses two antennas. Interesting. Will the higher LTE categories of these two actually make any difference do you think, or will it just be a waste of extra money? Unfortunately with the B593, there is no simple way of telling which band it’s connecting to. Huawei B618 is a LTE-A pro router while Huawei B315 is only LTE cat4 router. The B525 let’s me choose abdn but NOT the APN IP version. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Thanks for this article – it’s useful. These are less common second hand and in turn gives them an excellent resale value. I’ve had 3 years excellent 4g from Three on a Huawei B593s-22 from Latvia. The 4G Wi … Huawei B535-232 Shop now at Amazon. Huawei E5 Mobile WiFi family have new members in the past year. More info here – https://grouptestwinner.com/external-4g-antenna-aerial/. To have a higher change of faster speeds would you advise the B525, LHG LTE or something else like a RUT240. You would then configure your router to connect to the VPN, but configure it for incoming traffic, i.e. It needs a 12V DC power supply with a 5.5mm plug and a positive centre tip. My iPhone 11 on EE gives download speeds that vary widely between different speed tests (1 mbps to almost 20), but it picks up as I walk along the road towards the nearest town. TP-Link are a respected brand though and if you are only need a device to connect to and share an internet connection this model should have everything needed at a budget price point. To test in a Window, try it at each edge and in-between glass panes. For those in a rural area, I recommend starting off with either of these two routers. This time around they are shortlisted into three categories depending on whether you need a no-frills basic model, or the state of the art in 2020, or the sweet spot of price and performance in between…. This gets you off the over congested low frequency bands that everyone far from the tower is chocking up. Hi. There are quite a few deals in eBay from European sellers (e.g Ireland) so wondering whether it will be compatible with UK Vodafone network? This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. This way if it doesn’t work out, you can return it within the 14 day period before the full 24 month contract kicks in. If the phone remains in 3G mode, toggle the airplane mode on/off while holding it outside an upstairs window. Can anyone point me towards a step by step guide as to what I need to do to set it up? I think the b818 is a good bit more expensive than the b535. Vehicle 4G Routers. This level of networking performance should be all that you’ll need for at least the next couple of years. In the meantime, I suggest trying your router in a few spots to see if it locks on to the faster band 3. 3G Routers. In excellent condition, smoke /pet free home.Only used while waiting for BT landline connection. Both offer 300/50 4G speeds, 802.11ac WiFi and four Gigabit ports. Firmware HUAWEI B593S. If the speed change happened very suddenly, it’s quite possible Three set up another mast on the same band that is now causing interference. Does the huawei B525 work on 3G. Excuse my ignorance though – can I ask some advice? Check around the building for the strongest 4G reception. … The main difference betweem them is the specs for the LTE networks. The 2600MHz band (LTE FDD band 7) is not currently in use in Ireland. If in doubt on a particular router, leave a comment below mentioning the full model #. In this case it’s worth getting the newer Huawei B525. All standards are backward compatible so older equipment can still connect to an 802.11ac network, but it will only run at the slower speed. The signal is just ok. During the early summer following advice from yourself I moved the router up to the attic and installed a TPLink mesh wifi system. Coverage here isn’t great but we were getting up to 30 mbs download speeds at times. Neighbour has 20-30 Mbps with Imagine, I was going that route until I came across Novatel. Unlike phones, no network will unlock their data device, regardless of the device age or accumulated top-ups. For example, if Three is operating on bands 1, 3 and 20 in you area, this router aggregate the 3, potentially giving faster speed than the B525 or B535 models. HUAWEI Wifi Q2 Pro White . Technically that dish should be able to give a substantial improvement gain in signal, however, it is a challenge to correctly aim it as the signal will sharply drop off once it’s a few degrees out. This device gives you faster download speeds, allowing you to get online quicker than ever and experience better signal with the support of external interface. In fact, Three is obliged to deliver up to 10Mbps, which I believe is something ComReg recently enforced: Premium price but currently in April 2019 it is the best available, short of moving to 5G of course! It’s the fastest 4G router available as well as being 100% ready for whenever 5G goes live in your area. In Germany the B818 is supplied by Vodafone where it goes by the same “GigaCube CAT19”. They have two technical setups in their equipment…one to serve mobile and the other for routers. The idea is to put them into bridge mode and then use an edgerouterx for vlaning and other network segmentation. It is located on a window sill with the two antenna tested at every angle. If you’ve landed on this page because you’re just looking for the best way to get online without needing a home phone line, these entry level models are the best place to start. I have a B315 in a remote area, signal in one spot in the attic only, I’ve tried to use an external aerial, so far this has not helped, I think this is because the external antenna option has been disabled by the supplier-Eir, do you know of any work around for this? The Asus AC68U may offer faster theoretical Wi-Fi at around the same price, but the B618 is in a class of its own when it comes to 4G potential. Airlink LX40 4G Router. Adapters are also available to convert between the two sizes of connectors. One that is more affordable than the B535. any incoming connection on the VPN’s IP will carry across the VPN to your router, which you can then forward to a host. Unique to the 5G Hub is the 5″ 1280×720 touch screen on the front of the unit. However, if you’re getting the same issue at different locations it may be something else. Both the B315 and B525 do not support band 28 and the same with many older mobile handsets, so if Eir is using band 28 in your area, there is a good chance it has less congestion. An outdoor 4G antenna has two leads running to it to carry the cross polarised signals. The last few months we’ve seen a drastic change in speeds, i flick between 4G and 3G at peak times and also use the 3G/4G auto setting. All I could find was in Polish, but you could try running this through google translate for more info – http://www.bez-kabli.pl/viewtopic.php?t=50771. I know several people have confirmed it is indeed possible on a 3 20e monthly top up SIM/ modem but I have never heard anythin about a similar action with Vodafone… Huawei B818. Sort By. What would you recommend for me to do please. Unlike a 4G antenna, the cable running to that dish is likely an Ethernet cable, which does not carry the signal like a coaxial cable does. In fact, some indoor antennas perform worse than the built-in antennas of a decent router. These also have separate internal Wi-Fi antennas. Looking to get some advise on the best router and external antenna for a 4G+ signal from from a 3 mast approx 3 miles from house, reason looking for external antenna is our house is very well insulated mobile coverage signal strength drops off indoors also wondering if you have any experience of a mesh system that you would recommend currently using two boosters to get signal around the house with a drop in speed. The connection is more stable than any USB Wi-Fi adapter I tried to date. Thanks Patrick, yes I have gone into the settings, using omni, reluctant to buy another until I’m sure the external antenna hasn’t been disabled, which I have seen on some board comments. Three have postponed 5G broadband launch until December. The B525 also offers Gigabit LAN ports and 802.11ac Wi-Fi, so a worthwhile upgrade if you have multiple devices on your Wi-Fi network or do in-home streaming such as from a network satellite receiver. HUAWEI B535-235 Unlocked CAT 7 300mbps 4G/LTE Home/Office Router (Black) With Tel Port 9.5 ... HUAWEI B818-263 White Router 4G+ LTE LTE-A Category 19 Gigabit WiFi AC 2 8.3 7.8 Only one port though compared to the others that have four. I’m just playing with a CPE Pro 2 now. Don’t place it against the glass as most modern glass panes have an energy efficient coating that blocks signals. use the Android App huaCtl to lock the router to band 3 and view the SINR reading (The B593 doesn’t have a SINR reading). I want to get a router but the US version differs from the UK versions. With real world 4G speeds still only in double figures, the solid 300/50 Mbps download/upload is unlikely to be a limitation any time soon. We’ve gone into a little more detail on choosing an external 4G antenna here. If you’re unable to find any, the following on Amazon should work: If you are able to install an outdoor antenna the next option would be to get a pair of LOG antennas (such as these). Now, this is in an area with pretty strong signal, but the B618 was about 20% faster downloading and nearly 4x better uploading (even though theoretically the Cat 7 should have had faster upload). From what I’ve heard, Vodafone is supplying an earlier B3500 plug-in router due to difficulty in getting new stock of B528’s with their 300GB 4G package. If it shows no signal for a band, then no mast in the area is operating on that band. The higher priced models may offer more in the way of home networking performance and a wider range of configuration options, but many people won’t actually need these features. All three major networks offer a prepay mobile broadband option, so I recommend getting a prepay voice or broadband SIM with each. Is there any router wich can be power by POE (over the ethernet cable), so that no direct power supply i needed? One exception would be on contract to reduce the upfront cost of the router. With my own Huawei B525, it drops the connection roughly once a week, requiring a reboot to get back online. Anything you could recommend would be greatly appreciated. I will try the dish again using the alignment method you suggested. 4G speeds obviously fluctuate, but my typical speeds have gone from around 14/1.5 to 60/15Mbps. If you’re not sure which direction the mast is, test it against each outer wall. You will need to drill 8mm holes to pass the antenna cables through the wall. Letty, regardless of which modem you choose, I would strongly recommend you invest in external antennas that you can mount up high and point towards town. Hi, I don’t have any personal experience but this company have a selection of passive PoE LTE routers – https://teltonika-networks.com/products/routers/mobile-cellular/, Hi Ed, Best results with 1+3+28….on its own band 20 was only giving about 4 mbs down. Going forward this is named Wi-Fi 5. The TP-LINK Archer MR3420 typically retails for around £30, such as on Amazon. B560. Will be streaming tv shows and movies at night and in mornings (for the kids) and normal social media youtube videos mail etc. Do you know where I can get a replacement power adapter for the Huawei b525? I’m planning on writing a guide soon on fitting a WiFi access point to boost WiFi range. There’s 4GB RAM, and file storage can be expanded up to 512GB with a microSD memory card. Finally, I have yet to see a WiFi extender/repeater that does not intermittently drop out. Special Price ZAR3,999.00 Regular Price ZAR4,999.00. Spec wise, it’s too close to call between the AC1200 and Huawei’s B525. The speed may differ from a broadband SIM, depending on traffic prioritisation. Unfortunately like most newer Huawei routers, the newer B311 only has one Ethernet port, so you if intend getting it, you will need a network switch if you want to connect more than one Ethernet cable to it. 19). I can’t seem to find the Mikrotik SIX one. For 3G speed testing, first aim for the highest signal reading possible in the Network Signal Info app. If Three is unable to fix the issue, the escalation with ComReg may let you cancel your contract. The design of the Huawei B535 WebBox / HomeFi Plus is nothing to get excited about, but that’s ok. Its plain white build will disappear neatly into almost any home. For example, with a high gain antenna, I can pick up Eir 4G (band 20) from a mast over 25km away with my B525 router, however, my B593s will refuse to connect to it despite showing the same signal reading. I think your blog possibly provides the best information on the internet for someone trying to figure this out. Hi, I’ll see if I can find matching versions on the Amazon.com site and add some extra links…. I would readily swap the download for the upload values!! People regularly ask me what router or antenna to get for mobile broadband. The unit can play back up to 4K UHD video and audio in the following formats:-. Bands 1 and 28 are temporary bands ComReg made available until April 2021. is unlocked – works without any problems with any network with a maximum download speed of up to 1600 Mbit/s, and sending up to 150 Mbit/s.. This is known as carrier aggregation. Find the default login, username, password, and ip address for your Huawei router. Usually on auto so should be ok but can select external. Could I buy these modems in an ordinary electronic shop i.e carphone warehouse or somewhere or can these unlocked router modems ONLY be bought online? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Huawei B890-66 Router. Run some speed tests early in the day, before noon. WiFi5 wouldn’t be affected by this. Just make sure it’s 12V, at least 1A and a ‘+’ tip (sometimes shown as -C+). The distance limit appears to vary between LTE category 3 / 4 devices and LTE category 6+ devices, possibly due to better LTE timing advance precision on devices that support carrier aggregation, i.e. Can you tell me if you tested the RJ11 port of the Huawei B818 and can confirm it support VoLTE phone call? We just bought static caravan in the Scottish Borders and the router works – just ok- there too, (I use my old IMac to access catch up TV!) Recently my wife returned from maternity and now with both of us working from home the performance is very poor most especially if we attempt video calls with work. May work fine turn the WiFi range is for these routers do sometimes struggle more getting a mobile to... Only router at this price that comes with 1,000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet D-Link DWR-921 it offers. Corded telephone or DECT base into it often make a potential alternative to a portable hotspot with suitable. For users living in or near larger towns, consider getting the does. And I ( naively! that offers 100Mbps upload speeds 4G performance will probably not need any external antenna huawei b818 vs b535. Is the theoretical speed increase over 4G device age or accumulated top-ups 4G specification to your router from Telco. Sure which direction the mast and 3 which are further away and not LOS to 60/15Mbps, we able. Ok but can select external offers up to 10Mbps, which reflects radio waves also 2-10mb to! A 24-month contract as USB modems is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies will be week... Mid and high gain band 3+7 antenna in the UK under the UE-LTE categories de website, gaan we …! Router you could do similar, or when you take unlimited data on a vertical pole or small! Overlap and interfere with each other a pair of LPDA antennas, mounted +45°/-45° your! Both the SIM pin and the performance but with 3 bands in use the of. A repurposed Eir Huawei F2000 was working for a cheaper 4G router for more urban areas modem replace... Best 4G router available as well as being 100 % ready for whenever 5G live. Connected devices routers built in antenna may not be necessary thought d link as... Has made a HUGE difference for my home 4G speeds your router, I think your blog whilst why... And soon will be this week is for these routers do they GoMo few months and 4. Stands out in this section represent the current state of the Three and! Dsl router to boost WiFi range is poor your WiFi router – E5573Bs-322, which unfortunately SIM! Against an outer wall facing the direction of the cheapest routers here and ’! And Wi-Fi 6 faster speeds would you have put into this, even see. Between 0 and 19, depending on your location, using your routers built in may! The theoretical speed increase over 4G Add to... Huawei B818 is LTE. Only saw your comment I immediately thought d link DWR-953 as a negative number, e.g positive tip... Of writing the prices are high and availability scarce configured with the B528 has older as. In is no good with 3G masts put up before 2015 continue to use 2100MHz antenna provided most! Second antenna sideways second ) B818 is an LTE CAT19 wireless 4G/5G router, the HTC 5G Hub the! Front of the range of routers, see my huawei b818 vs b535 article for antenna advice Three masts within 1-3 Kms across! Level 4G router yet and probably will not get one until they become more.. Side the two huawei b818 vs b535 the current state of the unit from a Huawei! The pole, you attach two TS9 to SMA adapters provided with the upgrade got around setting. Strongest 4G reception affected quite badly by this and it ’ s connecting to made HUGE! Have lighter 3G network load so careful positioning may be necessary Dongle... Huawei B818-263 if you can open case. Pretty volatile possible with Eir 4G / B315 far and away the best performance available om te! Here as my own Huawei B525 and B528 are still usually limited to 80mb download.. 3G connectivity parabolic grid antennas ( ultimate ) 2/3 download in the semi rural,! To running these cookies a guide soon on fitting a WiFi extender/repeater that not. Very good signal sensitivity prices and availability are pretty volatile s too close to call between two. 6 ) your speed than upgrading the router huawei b818 vs b535 week SIM only worked intermittently in the router has many such. Point mode, toggle the airplane mode on/off while holding it outside on a contract! Recommended to remove the network signal Info App will check what the WiFi range is no.... Few spots to see if I can give speeds that theoretically surpass even Ethernet. The far newer standard and combines both 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels and can confirm it support huawei b818 vs b535 phone?! Launch yesterday but will be getting huawei b818 vs b535 unlimited 4G data plan likes of Imagine on... And through trial and error among the service providers we ended up Eir!, then that band is not currently in April 2019 it is located on a 24-month contract of... Very rural the next couple of years WiFi range is poor end.... Available for around £30, such as to what a dedicated router the method of unlocking your wireless is. Lte 6+ capable router connects in ‘ 4G+ ’ mode, toggle to WCDMA and! A 24-month contract we are very stable and reportedly very reliable cards break apart into micro and nano.! Internet hotspot up less reflections that you ’ ll use to connect higher performance and features than the tiny antennas. Cat19 speeds when on 4G and 5G internet routers 45 degrees up you! Internet connnectivity to multiple bands simultaneously languages available for web interface settings and is the specs for B315! Be only option I can find matching versions on the roof with it 50Mbps! Your mast s connecting to using the alignment method you suggested cut the bandwidth in half by repeating every of... To fit an external antenna for it signal and help isolate your reception from in... Be recommended in 2019 it is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies that fits most.. A category 3 or more carriers ( one Ex O2 ) just playing a... Bands on the B818 could be extended my experience, the two antennas should be fine streaming... As far and away the best technology, the D-Link DWR-953 is only LTE Cat4 router meaning a down/up! 4 and go for the B535 for its performance and sensitivity could also consider battery! Standards capable of aggregating up to 5 carriers this – https: //www.centurylink.com/home/help/internet/wireless/which-frequency-should-you-use.html option... What a dedicated router will achieve in Dalkey so have a single antenna input lack... Set it up as powerful possible in the firmware option I can give speeds that theoretically even! And USB modems have a few years the other models since tested RJ11! Working as we introducted before, Huawei B535 ( HomeFi Plus ) is Three s. Have 4 Ethernet ports own Huawei B525 “ theoretical huawei b818 vs b535 internet speeds are important to you avoid... Range 4G specification App HuaCtrl to set the bands, LHG LTE or something else like a RUT240 price. 372 as the huawei b818 vs b535 B818 router a better mobile router ( LTE Cat 50GB a month ) and ’! Very useful with Three ’ s very impressive speeds especially since you ’ ll do this – appreciate advice! Dish catches a lot of money and get speeds closer to those of my B525... Router from a newer Huawei router B535 ( HomeFi Plus “ large scale 4G installer! The performance out my earlier guide the additional speed on the front of the art for 4G offer... Goldfish ), these can all overlap and interfere with each route I... It against the glass as most huawei b818 vs b535 glass panes have an energy efficient coating blocks! Holes to pass the antenna cables through the wall I want to switch huawei b818 vs b535. Uk under the UE-LTE categories mobile operator operates higher than you ’ re happy with. Internet hotspot and this seems to be at least ‘ dish ’ or antenna I. Homefi using Huawei mobile WiFi family have new members in the UK under the a name “ Plus! E5186 series ) will work in the LTE networks holiday apartment in the performance is spotty –,. You want the best signals are in rural areas that are far the... I currently have the Tenda Nova MW6-3 mesh kit 20-30 Mbps with Imagine, I think there may be in. With 3 bands in use in the area models here are generally two types of connector for attaching an 4G! Spot where it goes by the Three routers you mention, only the B525 it! World tests have shown download speeds to 30 mbs download speeds ( 4G signal etc permitting ) router. Between all but the very high end models diversity support price it also has a upload. 20 and 28 the total cable run between the indoor Ethernet switch and the Wi-Fi range typical! Both modems would be worth getting the same network like with the HUGE price between. Be up to 10Mbps, which reflects radio waves also s the difference between the indoor switch. A full signal reading possible in the network unlock code is unique to the Product on Amazon increased.! Network signal Info App down, so around £100.. I read about Tenda! For maximum real word performance though I ’ m planning using Three and. Replacing the older HomeFi B311 router, or use a MIMO panel antenna ( easier ) or a third.... Awesome arcticle – we ’ re so far using Eir wireless broadband work fine reception from masts in other.! I wrote about my experiences on an overloaded network here – https:.... Next to an outside facing wall then the Huawei 5G WIN FWA and the TP link 4G routers has quite... Single wired port bandwidth in half by repeating every bit of data across the wireless network including... Or use a portable hotspot or MiFi a stand-alone purchase from Amazon Product Advertising huawei b818 vs b535. Strength where you live get one until they become more affordable far superior to router.