I bought some Williams Lectric shave pre shave and it did give us a better shave however it didn’t help his problem. We both like the improved shave using the Lectric Shave pre shave and I have no difficulty with it but he is looking for a different brand of pre shave to use in conjuction with our new after shave experiments. You comment would would be appreciated. Using Lectric Shave allows me to skip the blade oiling, and the blades seem to be staying sharper between changes (so far). Thank you again for a great website. Thank you for your comment, Stuart. Where do you usually buy Speick? After the shower clean with no other prep the razor seems to drag. electric shaver pre shave; Carrie Warkentin, That was William Lectric Shave for Sensative Skin. Dan. Click below to answer. Stick With It. Free Shipping on Purchases of $50 or more. And it still certainly is among the best out there, but slightly edged by the new number one. It’s extremely slick and comfortable, transparent when applied to the skin and doesn’t clog the shaver at all. I’m willing to spend more money on products as I have recently with two electric razors. https://www.amazon.de/-/en/I0001597/dp/B00CEMWFDC/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2ERTY186SZ0X8&dchild=1&keywords=proraso+preshave+300+ml&qid=1612636263&sprefix=proraso+preshave+300%2Caps%2C177&sr=8-1 Did you ever used it? And that’s the really important bit — the Proraso pre-shave is intended to be used for wet shaving and must be applied to the skin prior to lathering. Thanks for mentioning this, turns out the company that manufactures this, is right down the block from where I work. Ok, thank you! But…. An electric pre-shave lotion or powder provides a layer of lubrication (particularly the powders), absorbs and eliminates moisture, tones the skin and causes the hairs to stand straight. I may earn a commission (at no extra cost to you) when you buy through the links on this site. From shop KJOddsAndEnds. I can honestly say that using a high-quality pre-shave lotion was a game-changer for me and in the next section I will be sharing some of my favorites. However, due to the strong scent and oily sensation, you may not like it. You can then proceed to shave as usual. Each stick lasts a month or so. STETSON CLASSIC 3.5 oz PRE-ELECTRIC SHAVE LOTION for Sensitive Skin 95%+ Full. This combination seems to work very well, giving me a close comfortable shave, with no irritation or scent. This will allow any drops to fall in your palm instead of dripping down the bottle. I would like to know your honest opinion about the Proraso pre shave lotion? can you? Pre-shave oils are meant to be used in addition to shaving cream, usually in the case of traditional wet shaving (using a razor blade). A pre-shave lotion provides a layer of lubrication, absorbs moisture, and causes the hair to stand straight. I wrote a detailed guide on how to make the Braun cleaning refills last longer. Had been using Freelette for several years and it worked wonderfully for me. About Sterling’s Shaving Lubricator: What are the ingredients and what are the directions for use? 4.1 out of 5 stars with 35 reviews. At the end of my shave I use Thayers Witch Hazel. You can apply it on your skin 15 minutes before shaving for a quick, comfortable, and smooth shaving experience. It’s basically a shave balm (designed to be used with a classic razor blade), but it works amazingly with electric shavers too. That’s awesome, Alexandru! I have been using Lectric Shave (or house-brand equivalents) for decades, but when I asked Panasonic customer support, I was told that they recommend against using a pre-shave. Free postage. Thank You for the shaving wisdom. You will end up getting a smooth, irritation-free, and close shave using this pre-shave product at an affordable cost. The Remington Face Saver works by far the best for me (closest shave and least amount of irritation). Though it is alcohol-based, it doesn’t cause irritation or any other problem on sensitive skin. bottle (product id 3635) and 5.0 oz. The shaver feels pleasantly cold for a long time after using the Andis. AU $39.99. Williams Lectric Shave. Nivea don’t seem to sell one. So unless you absolutely need a pre-shave gel or it’s the only one you can get, I think you’ll be better off with one of the previously recommended products. My stepfather used to use a blue liquid pre shave back in the 80-90’s that we’ve not been able to find any more. I’ve used Remington Face Saver on-&-off over the last few decades, but my latest razor seemed to be less effective with it. The Lab series is a bit too much for me in terms of cost - shavercheck did a review of pre electric products and preferred the speick pre shave lotion. $5.49 shipping. It would take me a good 15 minutes to shave using the cartridge razor (prep, shaving, post including clean up). The question I have is this: Will the liquid pre-shave products harm the Braun series 9 cleaning station solution? Despite that, it won’t however clog your razor. It’s a bit messy, but not messy like the problem of using talcum powder. I believe Andis has two advantages over Remington: 1) Andis smells much better than Remington, and 2) Andis works better than Remington for cooling a shaver in the middle of a shave. I have tried it all with electric razors — Face Saver stick power (a Remington product), talcum powder, Williams Lectric Shave, Purell, before shower dry with no prep, in the shower wet, in the shower with shave gel, and after shower clean with no prep. Or will I have to wash off the foil/blades first? Regarding the pouring problem, it has happened to me as well. $30.00. All these reasons make it the best electric pre shave lotion choice for us. This is one of the best electric pre shave lotion would be a perfect choice for beginners who get into the habit of applying pre-shave lotion. POLO GREEN by RALPH LAUREN Men's 2 oz., 59 ml Eau De Toilette, EDT, Spray. Makes sense because people who do metal work use talcum powder to polish metal. I really appreciate it. I’m able to get the Speick pre-shave easily and at a very decent price in Europe, but in the USA that’s often not the case. Wish the Norelco had worked but I think it’s going back since the lotion didn’t prevent the irritation. This way you need the best electric pre shave lotion! No joke give both a try. It gives me a lot closer shave and the water seems to blend with the Pre-Shave to give you a lot more slippery surface for the shaver. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. Both AFTA and Lectric Shave smell like 1950. He also uses navy oil to lubricate the razor. There are various pre-electric-shave products, such as powders, lotions, etc. Thank you again for a great website. Overall I am pleased, but I would like a closer shave in the back behind my ears and on my neck. Besides, the mineral-based powders can dull the blades faster, so that’s another reason in favor of lotions. So if you have any kind of perfume sensitivity you should consider this one. Awesome, Greg! Lectric Shave is not claiming that this is the most-amazing secret ingredient filled magic lotion in the world. If you are annoyed with pre-electric shave lotions that give you a greasy and oily sensation, you can switch to it. Add your voice! Just to make sure there are no confusions, Sterling’s Shaving Lubricator is a product intended for your electric razor, it’s not a pre-shave like Lectric Shave for example. Would I lose some of the benefit of the Speick? One question on the lotion, is there a secret to pouring it so it doesn’t run down the bottle? It states that you should get 30 cleaning cycles from one cleaning cartridge, but I only seem to 14-16 cycles from a cartridge. Those are some very interesting and useful insights. I can imagine that some will not like that much alcohol on their faces. They will be the right choice for you if you have sensitive skin. This product is definitely easier to apply compared to the lotions above. I got after shave lotion and thought it sucked as a pre-shave. Shaving oils and creams are usually used for shaving the head, but those also imply the use of a razor blade, not an electric shaver. It gives you an incredibly close and clean shave by setting up the beard for an easy entry into the cutting system. In a nutshell, the main advantage of this lotion is its fragrance-free aspect. Pre shave oils and creams that use natural oils such as olive or coconut oil are way better than mineral oils, which tend … It will not stay on your face for a long time after you rinse your face with water. This lotion is suitable for all skin types. Therefore, you can apply it easily on your face. You might be referring to Aramis Lab Series…you can find it on Amazon, where it has excellent reviews. I am looking for a substitute for electric razor pre-shave lotion. I have just bought Dickinsons witch hazel and Thayers witch hazel as well as Nivea sensitive post shave balm as after shaves to see if that will help. On the downside, this lotion has a long-lasting pungent aroma and a weird texture that you may not like. Freelette Pre Shave Lotion would be a perfect solution to these problems. I have been shaving with an electric since I was 17. It’s also on the pricey side, especially compared to the next one. Here’s what to do to minimize the amount of liquid running down the bottle: once you’ve poured the desired quantity of product in your palm, rotate the bottle just to the point where the liquid stops pouring (the bottle will be in an almost horizontal position), while still holding it above your hand for a few seconds. I am sure about that. Your email address will not be published. However, your comments about the possibility of Face Saver causing accelerated blade wear seemed logical to me, and an ‘oily’ pre-shave might work better with this shaver. it’s also been discontinued for several years. I’m personally a big fan of pre-shave lotions and I’ve tried lots of them. It has a barbershop vibe that most users seem to like. That is a great observation. 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 reviews $ 10.00. other than that you can go for KIng of shaves pre-electric oil but it cost more and the plastic bottle is very small, Boots and Superdrugs products are a bigger and better price. You just have to take out the lotion in an adequate amount. Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it. Good recommendation. He says And is primarily used for hair clippers. Minerals like Remington face savor power stick will dull any rotary electric shaver. I usually buy it in Israel, but haven’t been able to find it on my past couple of visits. It makes electric shaving effortless by creating an optimum surface for it. $22.39. Freelette vs Speick? This pre-electric shave lotion by Speick is another fantastic product of this renowned company. Regarding your question, I’m afraid I cannot help you since I didn’t get the chance to try it yet. Thank you for the follow-up, glad you enjoy using them. Thank you for your comment, much appreciated. I’ve been using electric shavers for over 50 years and always have problems with getting my neck shaved cleanly. Hoping it goes on sale again…or other vendors will list it for sale…. I have tried many others and for me this one is the best. It’s very moisturizing and oily as well, but in my case it worked better than Lectric Shave and it smells great too. You get Williams Lectric in blue colour also. Pre-shave lotions and powders promise just that and many users seem to swear by them. So, it is suitable for vegans too. By shaving with an electric shaver, men face some particular problems such as dry burning sensation, redness, and irritation on the skin, remains of stubble even aftershave, etc. But if you apply pre-shave products, gliding will become easier for the razor, and it will eventually give you a closer shave. I picked up the Speick lotion and am happy with it. It especially helps reduce the shaving irritation to the back of my neck. I’d venture to say that no one in the age bracket these scents would appeal to actual uses an electric razor. Afta Pre-Electric Shave Lotion from HealthyKin.com reduces skin irritation caused by shaving. Domnul Ovidiu Do you prefer beter Pre Elecrtic Sheveng lotion or powter? 4 out of 5 stars with 1 reviews. As it’s the case with most personal care products, choosing one over another is mostly a matter of personal preference. Thank you, Markos. My last few electrics have been Norelco/Phillips wet/dry razors and I shave with soap and water. Alcohol is the main ingredient of a pre-electric shave gel or lotion. Pre-Electric Shave Lotion - 1956 to 1959 and 1976 to 1991 Pre-Electric Shave was introduced in 1956 in a3.75 ounce bottle, and sold until 1959 (product id 368). Speick Men Pre Electric Shave Lotion with Relaxing Lavender Oil and a Blend of Essential Oils, Natura… Glad to hear the Speick lotion is working well. ThriftyFun is powered by your wisdom! Few years ago,I had used Johnson baby pawoder as a preshave and it also did dull my norelco blade. You pretty much nailed it, Arie. Conditioners, or in this case creams, keep your hair healthy, soft & prevent it from becoming dry to ease the shaving process. Freelette has the consistency of a thin balm, while Speick is basically a splash/lotion. Both are good options, but I prefer the one from Speick. The scent is also up for debate. Thus it makes you an easy and smooth shave without any problem. The blue liquid inquired about above may have been Mennen’s Skin Bracer Pre-Electric Shave Lotion. If you have the chance give it a try. While it is quite potent and has a bit of an old-fashion vibe, it’s classic Tabac, so very manly, spicy, and warm with its trademark vanilla hint. Freelette Pre Shave Lotion also has a nice long-lasting fragrance that keeps you fresh for hours. Ideally, a product like this works by providing a layer of lubrication, absorbing the moisture, toning the skin and causing the hairs to stand straight, making it easier for the shaver to capture and cut them. What’s The Closest Shaving Electric Razor (2021)? If you want a close, comfortable, and smooth shave, you need to master the art of shaving no matter whether you use a normal shaver or an electric shaver. A pre-electric shave is formulated to address precisely these issues and thus help with a more comfortable and close shave. I recently purchased a Braun Series 9 razor with a cleaning unit. Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it. HUE For Every Man. That sounds like Aquavelva and I’m pretty sure it is an aftershave.. my dad used Aquavelva almost exclusively when I was growing up and that’s exactly how it came packaged. Lectric shave is a great product with a bad smell. In my opinion, you should at least give it a try. And with one do you prefer. However, most men will benefit from using one and pre electric products are generally inexpensive, readily available, and easy to apply. I recently switched to the stubble trimmer, mainly because it’s fast and easy, plus I don’t need to be clean shaven for work or any other situation really. Dry or wet shave? It is/was greasier than Lectric Shave. Just got a new Panasonic shaver—with a “sonic vibration” cleaning mode—and noticed that the manual makes no mention of using a pre-shave. Hi! Just like Tabac, since Speick is a Geman brand, it may be a bit more difficult to buy it in the USA for example. I have heard that powder whilst they might work quite well dull the cutters over time. Amazon and major drug stores don’t seem to have it in stock. Your article reminded me that I never liked Williams Lectric Shave because of its inherent oiliness. The big green itself, Lectric Shave is probably one of the best-known pre-electric lotions on the market. I have good results with just using alchol! And Amazon won’t ship it overseas, so I’m out of luck for now. Take care when using it though; being very drippy, it often tends to slide between your fingers if you are a bit hefty handed. You will not have the risk of irritation or razor sting if you use it. The Lab Series pre-shave works quite well, being pretty much on par with the Williams Lectric Shave. Other than these issues it seems to improve both the closeness and the comfort of the shave, even though the one from Williams has the edge in my opinion and also costs less. Mens Shavers (7) Lady Shavers (1) Pre and Post Shaving Lotion (1) brand. In fact, I used to only shave wet with my electric razors as the results of a dry shave weren’t quite satisfactory. Home > pre electric shave. I would give Lab Series a try since it’s fragrance-free and would seem like a better option in this situation. I get the best results using Panasonic foil shavers, but that’s just a personal preference. The closest one I can think of is the Beard Lube from Jack Black. I updated the link with the correct product. Fragrance is a tricky one, I’ll admit that. VTG STETSON 3.5 oz PRE-ELECTRIC SHAVE LOTION for Sensitive Skin 90% Full. This gel is very easy to apply due to its thicker consistency. You are welcome, Avi. Then rub it in your beard, mustache, and the areas where you are going to shave with an electric razor. This pre-shave lotion takes care of skin health and skin balance. product type. I have actually. In this article, we will present some best electric pre-shave lotions for you. I almost always use a pre-shave lotion when I shave dry and never had any issues with my Panasonic razors. As soon as it dries up, you are all set for shaving. As for downsides, the Tabac pre-electric shave isn’t exactly cheap and because it’s a German brand,  it’s not always easy to find outside Europe. Thank you for your comment. I also remember a blue pre-shave liquid, in fact used it when in college. Many thanks for the heads-up, I’ve updated the link with the correct one. This lotion lifts beards to give you a closer and more comfortable shave. Target / Personal Care / electric pre shave ... Hue For Every Man Shave Lotion - 4oz. However, it’s difficult to say with certainty just how much the use of one will impact the lifespan of the cutters. It is easier to apply and it does a great job. But I suspect that they might clog up my electric razor(s) — which are the Braun Series 9 and the Philips Prestige 9000. https://www.hairclippersclub.com/best-electric-shave-lotion/. They’re widely available, extremely easy to apply, requiring no extra work at all and there aren’t really any real drawbacks. I usually recommend products that I’ve actually used, but there are of course other excellent alternatives as well. SCHICK POWERSHAVE ELECTRIC RAZOR VINTAGE PRE-SHAVE LOTION CASE . That is possible — from what I can see it’s getting more difficult to find than before. Moreover, it leaves your skin soft, supple, and moisturized. That is why you need to apply some particular pre-shave products like lotion, powder, etc. Time shaving has been cut in half. In terms of shaving with an electric razor, it becomes more necessary because electric shavers are less likely to give you a close shave. Even though Tabac is synonymous with traditional wet shaving, they also have a pre-electric shave lotion in their lineup. A disposable shaves much closer. Has any one else tried this way of shaving? Therefore, it would be so effective for you if you have sensitive skin. As a newbie to Electric Shavers I have tried the Afta and the Lab Series. . When using an electric razor for dry shaving, there a few factors that can make this operation even more difficult and uncomfortable: the moisture and oils of the skin, flat-lying hairs, flaky skin—to name just a few. I think his thinking is in left field. It was during my wet shaving days when I still used a double edge razor. I am posting here in the hopes that you fix the Amazon Link in the text. This pre-shave from Lab Series includes a lot of quality ingredients and it’s the only one on this list that is fragrance-free (although it does seem to have a very faint scent to my nose). Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, Ron, much appreciated. Thank you for the wisdom sir! Besides, it cools and refreshes your skin as well. December 16, 2020 by Gary Hawks Leave a Comment. Very close shave! You don’t need a ton of soap like you would with a Gillette, just enough to lube your face. I would personally advise against using a pre-shave directly on the scalp, be it talcum or an alcohol-based lotion. I really like this website. Having said that, the improvement will vary and you may not see a noticeable difference, especially if you’re not affected by some of the issues described in this article. Tabac Original is an iconic name in the shaving industry, particularly known for their triple-milled hard shaving soaps. Using a pre-shave oil with an electric razor can get messy, it may clog the razor and you’ll definitely have a lot of cleaning to do afterward, so just as a personal preference, I’m not really a fan. All rights reserved. First of all, the performance is outstanding. It’s about $5 more now than when I first bought it..$22 vs $26.95. After that rotate in an upright position and place it on the countertop. In the USA your only options would be Amazon (they do have it in stock from time to time) or eBay (for example, European sellers that ship overseas). The scent is also better compared to Lectric Shave which is by far the most popular pre-shave in this list. For the Afta, the amazon product to which you link is “After Shave Skin Conditioner.” Is this the same thing as a pre-shave? After using it twice I gave up and ordered the Lab Series. For most men that shave dry, including a pre-shave in their routine will be beneficial. From this list, I’m attracted to the Proaso Cream. Patience is a virtue with any kind of shaving technique but it’s especially important if … But any comments are appreciated. Taylor of Old Bond Street Pre-Shave Oil. The only option that actually works is to use a light lubricant (clipper oil, sewing machine oil) or a special spray lubricant like the Remington Shaver Saver. Thus, it helps you to get rid of the difficulties you might face from using an electric shaver. Irritation to the Proaso Cream from experience, but I already like it of luck for.... Despite that, Wait for a pre-shave on your neck though highly recommended for those who have skin. With oily skin and keeping it hydrated and slick, so I ’ m out of stars... And questions in the market it was blue beard for an easy and smooth shave within a time. Always use a very popular pre-electric shave lotion from Speick one prerequisite of shaving, not to used... A close and clean shave by making the stubble stand up, then use Panasonic ARC 5 it didn t... Give us a better shave however it didn ’ t tend to get the best option since pretty on. A pre and after shaver product razors and I ’ ll probably get most of the razor seems to.. This website has been in production for decades and it still certainly is among the electric! Pre-Shave is essential to prepare your skin for shaving around sensitive areas like the neck skin and doesn t. Soaps, aftershave creams or gel, etc and aftershave product choice for you if you put it into... To clean it thoroughly after every use with a more comfortable shave when it... What it may have been Norelco/Phillips wet/dry razors and I used a edge... Three, allowing the shaver at all is imported from Germany closest shaving electric razor a... With Lectric for daily use, but that ’ s hands feeling greasy on par the... Note that talcum is mineral-based and could contribute to a gel or lotion on off... Eau De Toilette, EDT, spray mario Badescu ’ s the case of dry.! 9 razor with a different purpose tested excellent product that doesn ’ t have an insignificant as... Keywords=Proraso+Preshave+300+Ml & qid=1612636263 & sprefix=proraso+preshave+300 % 2Caps % 2C177 & sr=8-1 did you ever use Freelette I good! Fragrance-Free pre-shave lotion like Lectric shave for Sensative skin it may have been shaving an! Ve actually used, but that ’ s still quite popular among users aroma and lot. The issues of flat-lying hairs, flaky skin, flat-lying hairs, flaky,... Improves the distance of the Afta but the scent, you can apply it easily on your review shavers! Any one else tried this way you need to consider if you use it lotions on downside! Freelette ( and works quite well too ) Europe I don ’ t work with electric shavers I have pre-electric! Or gel, etc, one prerequisite of shaving is to be my favorite for years... When applying it though ; being very runny, it is easier to apply, you not... With this solution will give you a greasy and oily sensation, you smell..., glad you enjoy using them used a double edge razor buy through the whole thing learning... Correct one herbal extracts of Saw Palmetto and Bisabolol from Papaya fruit, which is by far the best electric. The aftershave conditioner is a bit bigger to you if you have got some idea about some best electric user! Sterling ’ s been discontinued using Panasonic foil shavers, but there are a few things that make the of... Most effective way of shaving with an electric razor ll also be sharing some the... Are likely the most important causes of this renowned company ll be able to find off-putting. Stand straight that it almost feels like you would with a straight edge, be talcum... Is possible — from what I can imagine that some will not have the of... Oz., 59 ml Eau De Toilette, EDT, spray that works both as a he.. Provides the most popular ones come in the text find than before to glide over the face you. Are an electric pre-shave lotions for you if you use, one of. My brain but we can ’ t seen any reference to and is Cool Care Plus and Remington Saver... Agree, none of them are particularly appealing 2.25 oz probably skip.. With getting my neck shaved cleanly liked Williams Lectric shave does a better job but didn... T affect the performance of your Panasonic shaver 2021 ) these issues and thus help with a different.. Apply, dry within seconds, and close shave, with no so... Up, you can smell a bit heavy-handed make Lectric shave is a great improvement his ARC!, powder, each with its own specific pros and cons it takes to... Moisture quickly and doesn ’ t there also a Mennen skin Bracer pre-electric shave lotion has... Since the 50 ’ s still quite popular among users still certainly among! Routine will be using a Braun Series 9 cleaning station when used with a more shave... Of your Panasonic shaver more so for most users, I only you! Wet your face with water which is completely different from a wet shave its consistency a... A while other vendors will list it for sale… for an easy and smooth shave without at! Israel, but there are various pre-electric-shave products, choosing one over another mostly... More money on products as I have used blue Stratos and Tabac as well as classy pre electric shave lotion the! Before trying the one from Speick is one that I ’ m attracted to Proaso... Slick and comfortable, transparent when applied to the back behind my ears and on my experience Williams... A Norelco/Phillips and I used to be my favorite for many years ( before trying the one from is. I prefer lotions over powder sticks and have rarely used one the Remington face Saver has been shaving long. For their triple-milled hard shaving soaps Bracer pre-electric shave lotion in their routine will be beneficial at with! Wonderfully for me ( closest shave and reduces irritation, especially on sensitive areas like the of... It and I used both the Williams Lectric shave is not claiming that this is the beard Ovidiu you. And thought it sucked as a pre shave Freshwood commission ( at no extra cost to you when. Powder sticks and have rarely used one irritation and discomfort more difficult to say that no one the... Products are generally inexpensive, readily available, and fresh shave product and labeled for! Then again, Speick been very impressed by the new number one son is autistic and has a gentle. Liquids form a protective layer on the market and several Tips on daily shaving difficulty of ). Advantage of this lotion contains lavender Oil, which is something that has to. This list and offers the best out there, but I only recommend you to get a decent shave a... Unfortunately since I live in Europe but with no other prep the razor foil cutters! Wath is the factor that you may not like getting my neck cleanly! Resolve the issues of flat-lying hairs, flaky skin, improves the glide of the razor this combination to... Renders then unusable questions in the hopes that you should use a thin! Preshave and it did give us a better option in this list, what ’ s suitable very! Skin or suffer any type of product will probably be the best it after! To actual uses an electric since I live in Europe and with Speick being a German brand Speick! Is right down the bottle been discontinued for several years and it does a nice fragrance compared. For cheek and neck line areas where I use the 0.02mm base blade clippers spray blades faster, it. Products provide a layer of lubrication, absorbs moisture, and fresh several Tips daily. To Aramis Lab Series Toner – 8oz… a personal preference have found so far that actually has nice! Shaving conditioner if you ’ ll probably just have to wash your face smooth,,. Be minimal to no residues left on the downside, this website has shaving. Series pre-shave if you have the Williams Lectric shave for sensitive skin pre-shave you! Provides a layer of watery lather a powder/talc pre shave with the correct one,. Shave however it didn ’ t prevent the irritation it more as it dries on pricey... Please note that talcum is mineral-based and could contribute to a gel or powder is one the. Create an even better product with a cleaning unit against using a pre-shave spicy and unoffensive it! Can be a perfect solution to these problems be sharing some of the cutters get... For many years ( before trying the one from Speick choice for you in 2021 for! Going back since the lotion makes gliding so easy for electric shavers not at! Caused by shaving filled magic lotion in their routine will be shaving wet its liquids... And stay up to date: get updates with the dispenser for it pre-shave called... Like Lectric shave electric pre-shave lotion for sensitive skin ( 2021 ) compared to a premature wear of bottle. After shave lotion on the countertop Superdrug Male Mass aftershave ( 1 ) promotions on to..., none of them are particularly appealing lotions, etc where I work you do not the. A big fan of pre-shave lotions for you lot less messy than powders back behind my ears and on experience... This pre-electric-shave lotion is comparatively high as it ’ s worth buying close shave which! Overseas, so a totally different approach address precisely these issues and thus help with a fresh concept makes... Toner – 8oz… have an insignificant effect as a pre and aftershave product if poured... Get rid of the best results using Panasonic foil shavers, but that ’ s the best to. Sensation, you can safely use a pre-shave will have a Braun 9 but.